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New TLD Launches .nyc .city .okinawa and many more.

Get Ready to Collect More New TLD Orders!

The following new TLDs will enter new launch phases over the next week.

TLD Launch Phase Phase Opens (UTC) Phase Closes (UTC)
.physio Sunrise Oct 9 2014 5:00PM Nov 5 2014 6:00PM
.nyc General Availability Oct 8 2014 3:00PM
.city General Availability Oct 8 2014 4:00PM
.attorney General Availability Oct 8 2014 5:00PM
.lawyer General Availability Oct 8 2014 5:00PM
.okinawa General Availability Oct 14 2014 3:00AM
.physio Pre-registration Oct 9 2014 5:00PM Dec 17 2014 6:00PM
Visit to register your domain name.


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Important information about .CN domain names.

This is to inform you that the .CN registry is requiring verification on all existing .CN domain names. If they are unable to verify the registrant, they will be deleting these domains . As such, the registrant, for the given domain, will receive the email below on Monday Feb 8th, 2010 . This includes instructions that they must follow, in a timely manner, in order to retain their domain name. Below is an example of the email they will receive for each .CN domain name. ------------------------------ ------------------------------ ----- Instructions to prevent deletion of your cn domain:  Dear .CN domain holder, Important:  The .CN registry, CNNIC, has implemented a new policy.  All .CN domain holders must submit documents according to the requirements below or they will lose their domain name(s).  CNNIC must receive this form before  Feb 15, 2010 . Please submit the required documents via Email ( ) or Fax (86-10-58812666-2) at the same day of online applicati