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Important information about .CN domain names.

This is to inform you that the .CN registry is requiring verification on all existing .CN domain names. If they are unable to verify the registrant, they will be deleting these domains. As such, the registrant, for the given domain, will receive the email below on Monday Feb 8th, 2010. This includes instructions that they must follow, in a timely manner, in order to retain their domain name.

Below is an example of the email they will receive for each .CN domain name.
Instructions to prevent deletion of your cn domain: 
Dear .CN domain holder,
The .CN registry, CNNIC, has implemented a new policy.  All .CN domain holders must submit documents according to the requirements below or they will lose their domain name(s).  CNNIC must receive this form before Feb 15, 2010.
  1. Please submit the required documents via Email (reaudit@cnnic.cn) or Fax (86-10-58812666-2) at the same day of online application or ASAP.
  2. For any application, all application form with business seal or signature, photocopy of the business license, and photocopy of personal ID are required.
  3. Business license means the official document of the company or organization (such as company registration/organization registration).
  4. Personal ID means passport, driver’s license, resident’s ID or etc.
  5. If the registrant party does not have a company stamp or business seal, a signature is OK.
  6. Any application is regarded as individual and all materials are required for each registration.
  7. The application form should be filled out in English or Chinese. For business license and personal ID in other languages (rather than Chinese and English), registrants need to provide certified translation document and submit for auditing with other application materials together.
  8. Some instruction for filling in the application form:
    • All information is required to be accurate and completely filled in.
    • The registrant name is the contact people’s name, if filling in company name here will be regarded as unqualified.
    • The registrant and organization names on the application form must be totally consistent to the names on the photocopies of personal ID and business license.
    • If the registrant and organization names on the photocopies of personal ID and business license a re in other languages, rather than Chinese or English, the names on the form (and other related information) must be totally consistent to the names on the certified translation document.
    • Please keep the consistence between registrar name in the application form with the name in CNNIC system
    • Application form is required to submit with business seal or signature.
Requirements about personal ID:
    • The name on personal ID should be consistent to name on application form and the name in registration system.
    • Please provide the photocopy of both sides of personal ID.
Requirements about business ID:
    • The license should be within the period of validity.
    • Already passed the annual authentication
The following form must be completed and emailed toreaudit@cnnic.cn or Faxed to: +86 10-58812666-2

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