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Start your own .TV Website Today!

A .tv domain name tells more than just WHERE your site is - it tells people WHAT your site is - an entertaining destination worth visiting again and again. A Web address that ends with .tv tells your audience that a vibrant rich-media experience awaits, before they even get there! And because .tv is so distinct and memorable, visitors will have no problem recalling your web address when they want to come back.

Plus when you purchase a .tv domain name through NeedName.TV you’ll get free access to the same personalized video and social networking tool suite which powers MySpace, and to build your own content-rich .tv web site.

Start your own .TV Website Today [ BUY .TV HERE $23.95/year ] this includes FREE Social Networking tool. Create your own channel just like your own MySpace, YouTube, etc.
Exciting, Dynamic, Distinct and Memorable. That’s the .tv advantage. Video on the Internet continues to grow and users are seeking new methods of finding multimedia content on the Web. The .tv domain provides a global opportunity for users to find a media-rich Web site of their choice. By using a .tv Web address, companies and individuals can offer online viewers a simple and easily recognizable gateway to finding rich media content on the Internet.

Say more with .tv
.tv is a ‘top-level domain’, just like .com or .net. Your Web address works the same with a .tv extension as with any other top-level domain name, but the .tv extension can add much more to your site. Since .tv is distinctive and unusual, your Web address will be highly memorable. .tv is also closely associated with dynamic video content, making this top-level domain name uniquely suited to any site tied to rich-media. A .tv domain name is also much more likely to be available, enabling you to better control your presence on the Web.

The .tv advantage
In our converging world, the competition for users’ time and attention is extremely tough. Your site isn’t just compared to other Web sites; it’s measured against all communication channels — radio, TV, movies and video games. To reach today’s audiences it’s vital that you position your site as an exciting destination with compelling content. You need the .tv advantage! .tv means exciting engaging content.

Who’s using .TV?
Bloggers to billion-dollar companies have already staked their claim with a .tv domain name. It's a Web address that communicated more than just WHERE your site is — it can tell people WHAT your site is — an entertaining destination worth visiting again and again. A Web address that ends with .tv tells your audience that a vibrant rich-media experience awaits, before they even get there! And since .tv is so distinct and memorable visitors will have no problem recalling your address when they want to come back.

Get the .tv advantage
.TV can open up a new world for your content. Savvy businesses including major broadcast networks and leading music publishers are all taking advantage of .tv domain names to create new revenue streams. Organizations with valuable rich-media training content are using .tv sites to engage their members in new and exciting ways. Individuals are creating .tv sites to get their creative voices heard. Why not you? Get .tv now!

Register your own .TV Today! Visit website.


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